Windows OS and apps for video editing. Help wanted

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Re: Windows OS and apps for video editing. Help wanted

Hen3ry wrote:

Okay, let me confess first that I'm the next best thing to totally ignorant regarding both Windows and video editing -- I do and have done DTP and stuff on a series of Macs for the best part of three decades now but video terrifies me (lack of patience!) and I've just never had the need to use Windows.

But i am being asked by Windows users about migrating to Mac for video editing and I have to say the cries of outrage from video editors I know when Final Cut Pro was abruptly remodeled a couple of years ago and the current angst about other pro apps and machines from Apple, suggest to me that these Windows users might be better sticking with Windows.

So what Windows OS is best, what apps are best, and what sort of machines (laptops) would be reasonable (there are budgetary constraints).

Can I have suggestions, please, about what they should be looking at?

Many thanks in anticipation.

Cheers, geoff

No pro, but I use Pinnacle Studio.  Consensus seems to be Vegas vs. Studio, but Studio is easy to use and contains a fair number of transitions and effects and is fairly cheap.  If you are talking pro type apps, I don't know as they are too expensive for my home use.

I agree with 64bit OS, at least 8GB RAM, and fastest i7 processor you can afford.  I recently upgraded from Core 2 to i7 3770 and it cut my final render time in half or more, and real time rendering of effects on timeline by more than half, so processor speed really makes a difference.

I've never been impressed with laptop performance, but I will say that I've always had mid-spec'd/priced laptops for work. My guess is you are in the $1,500 range for performance laptop.

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