Backup tools and insurance for Android phones

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Re: Backup tools and insurance for Android phones

I just switched to a Galaxy S III from an iPhone 3Gs. When I first connected the GSIII to my MacBook and Kies, it found my iPhone backup and set up my contacts and calendar on the GSIII. Note. I am not syncing through the Google cloud, nor did I use iCloud with the iPhone; all syncing is through the MBP.

Admittedly, GSIII is not as seamless for backup and syncing as the iPhone. Kies works OK for contacts and calendars, but not so well for music and videos. I've got a 64GB micro SDXC in my GSIII in addition to the built-in 16GB. Kies doesn't recognize the ext SD card, so when I started copying my iTunes library over it very quickly filled the built-in storage. After cleaning up that mess (used "My Files" native app to delete the music files clogging the storage) I just mounted the GSIII through USB to a Windows VM on the MBP and used Explorer to initially put my music files in the ext storage on the phone. (Once again, Apple goes out of its way to make themselves incompatible with Samsung. Google around to find out about the USB protocols that Samsung uses and Apple doesn't support.) I'm now experimenting with using Winamp to sync my iTunes library with the GSIII.

Another note about Kies - it can sync through wi-fi. Kies-Air on the other hand is totally different,  and worthless to me since I don't use cloud sharing at all.

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