Is D50 worth it as the "smallest screw driven" Nikon camera?

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Re: Is D50 worth it as the "smallest screw driven" Nikon camera?

VidJa wrote:

The D50 was a brilliant camera in its day, but I'd not buy one now.

Depends, I have a D50 and a D7000. The D50 is indeed a brilliant camera and you can get them for almost nothing on e-bay.

I have two canvas prints of 90x120cm in my living room side by side. One shot with the D50 and the 50mm f/1.8, the other one with the D7000 and the same 50mm f/1.8

Visitors really can't see which one has been made with what camera.

Yup. Then they first went out of production the price of second hand ones held high for a long long time. The thing about digital cameras is that they pretty much all do something brilliantly. And when they're in their comfort zone, they perform pretty much as well as the current top model. I have been the world's biggest upgrade sceptic, but I can't deny, a current camera has advantages.

Whether the cost is worth it - well, a good quality used d50 for peanuts would take a lot of beating. I'd have one in preference to both d70 and 80, though overall, I'm a two wheel kinda guy, I'd miss that extra dial so would prefer to stump up the extra for a 90.

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