I've pre-ordered the D7100...

Started Feb 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
J Craig H Regular Member • Posts: 161
Re: Hiya Holmes,

I'm another D300 owner who has pre-ordered one. If I see something to really put me off I'll reconsider but so far it looks good - even allowing for my hope that the throughput will somehow assist that abysmal buffer.

I hired a D7000 for my honeymoon 18 months ago - took it on safari and up Kilimanjiro. Overall I found it to be a great little camera that is good for travel - light and compact, tougher than it looks with good image quality. I think the D7100 can take that a step further.

The D7100 seems to have improved on a lot of features to the point that I don't quite get these guys on videos saying its not much of an upgrade. It's no D400 of course but there are a lot of improvements (and that one notable backwards step) compared to the D7000.

If I'd had the money I'd have got a D800 and replaced my wide and normal angle zooms with FF equivalents, but that's $6000 vs $1200.

So I'm putting ideas of D800s and D400s on hold and looking forward to seeing what a camera that exists and that I can afford can do.

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