Sony NEX-6 Kit Lens and flash - results and feedback

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Re: Sony NEX-6 Kit Lens and flash - results and feedback

CosmoZooo wrote:

I usually get good results with a bounce shooting is S going higher on the shutter. Since I usually do it to capture my kid I will go max shutter 1/160 and I like rear sync. The ISO is either 400 or more often 800 to get good results but depends on the ambient lighting. You can also experiment with a bit lower shutter but I don't usually go under 1/100.

I usually have to fire a test shot to check if i am happy with the exposure. The live view is not as good at guessing flash exposure especially one with bounce so you have to test. The other day I didn't like the result AWB was giving me so I put it to custom and fired it with the flash at the white wall and that pretty much did the trick.

So experiment a bit in room lighting but I would aim for S or M and wouldn't trust the A mode for this and stick to manual ISO. My house has high ceilings but that's just means bring up the ISO is all. If you consider how clean shots are at ISO 800 and even 1600 the built in flash is pretty powerful.

Perhaps you're right, I may have to stick to M mode for indoor shooting just to make sure I get the right exposure.

I hadn't thought about increasing the shutter speed to compensate for the direct flash, I'll give it a try and see.

Hopefully now that I've upgraded the firmware the camera will auto-adjust the flash exposure better but I'm not holding my breath.

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