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Re: APSC OVF DEAD, no way!?

Part of the excitement in photography today is seeing new and improved equipment.  I LIKE what I have and use it a lot.  However, I would like to see Olympus come out with something new I can use.  I have no interest in M4:3....at least until I can use my 4:3 lenses properly on those little cameras.  I'm not wild about EVFs, but could use them if that's the only option I have.

I certainly like the IQ I see on the EM 5,  so why couldn't Oly simply make a DSLR with that sensor?I'd consider that something to get excited about.  They indicate that may happen, and I am looking forward to it.  But until it happens, I stand by my statement that I'd sure like to have something to get excited about.

I'm not too excited about M 4:3 as it stands...but that could change.  For now, it's almost as foreign to me as Nikon or Canon.  It's simply a different system that happens to use the same size sensor as my system.  I'm too heavily invested in 4:3 to start on another system.

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