Got my VCL-ECU ultra wide angle converter

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
uhligfd Senior Member • Posts: 2,544
Re: Nice picture, JayDreamer...

JayDreamer wrote:

I wanted the highest possible DOF

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Images from the mind are surreal!

Rain - hopefully - did not get to the sensor, and the noodles ARE dust on the sensor. Incidentally there is no evidence the lens was wet from this picture,

Yes, you got max DOF but also max diffraction softness and so the pic came out very dreamy, soft, unsharp just as you wanted, I hope.

Go look up the DOF master (google) and type in your lens data to see what DOF f/8 would

have given you. I bet it would be from 2-3 feet out to infinity. Would that not have sufficed?

Anyway a nice arty picture. What is that 'ball' in the center? a rock, a ball of garbage? ....

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