Why I am selling my A57: the noise is killing me

Started Feb 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Sorry, dude, its you..

To a point it is, anyway...

Lets be clear.  You should have got a lens with silent AF if you want to shoot video - the Sony 16-50 would be perfect at this.

Also, your comparison with the 60D ignores a really important part  - the live view and the AF when using live view on the 60D sucks compared to the A57.   Hell, it sucks so much that Canon users all use Manual Focus.  And if you use manual focus, then the Canon is still not as good as the A57 because the A57 has focus peaking when in manual mode. This aces the 60D.

In terms of sensors, the A57 sensor is better than the 60D sensor.  I have used a Canon 7D a lot ( same sensor as the 60D ) and if you are'nt getting at least equal if not better images out of the A57, then you are doing something wrong.

So you've got the wrong lens and you are'nt comparing the A57 properly with the 60D.  And you are'nt using the features you have at your disposal to get what you want.


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