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Re: The basics have to be flawless...

MichaelToyeImages wrote:

Ensure your exposure is correct, verifying your histogram for lights not blown and darks still retaining detail.

If the positive space, or focal subject, is supposed to be sharp, ensure it is - no evidence of blur or shake.

for architecture or landscape, ensure horizons are level - unless you obviously shot for off-level - and verticals are vertical.

for maximum impact, keep the compositions simple so your leading lines and focal object(s) are instantly observed. also beware of small details distracting the viewer - an odd branch, half a person, etc.



+1. Sound advices, all.

Long time ago I was enlightened by an old pro who told me something that may sum it up: "The best pictures are the simple ones, those that can carry a title consisting of a single word".

To this day, it still holds its value for me. The readability of the image depends to a large degree upon the number of elements in it, and the fewer there are, the easier the idea / concept / message gets across.

So, anything that doesn't belong to the theme might be regarded as a sort of distraction, and this is where proper cadring (or "filling the frame with your theme") becomes very important.

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