'Background Defocus' claim by Sony for RX100 is misleading!

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Re: Wide, shallow panoramas

Digital Nigel wrote:

cocofx wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

Wide panoramas with a horizontal sweep are also possible, though they're less useful than vertical sweep panoramas. This is an example I took with my NEX-7, but I think the RX100 could do the same thing, with the same resolution (despite the lower res sensor). The original size was 12416x1856, which I had to reduce to 11500x1719 to get within DPR's 20mp limit.

Panorama of Cerros Pintados geoglyphs in the Atacama Desert in Chile

i assume even though the res size is smaller with the RX100 panorama, the picture should be just as detailed due to useing 20mp vs 18mp and the fact that the RX100 sensor is larger then the HX30V

I don't have that camera, so can't comment. But I do know that the RX100 and NEX-7, despite having different physical sensor sizes and resolutions (20 vs 24mp), seem to produce exactly the same panoramas. In each of these cameras, the max size with taller panoramas seems to be 5536x2160, and with shallow panoramas, 12416x1856.

oh ok thx alot. once i get the RX100 ill have to see. from what ive read there should be a pretty big difference in the quality of the RX100 and HX30V. even though the HX30V has a few more features, th RX100 shoud be taking better photos

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