K-01 new owner questions, first impressions

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K-01 new owner questions, first impressions

My K-01 came in a few days early and greeted me when I returned home from a holiday.

Wow. It's even more yellow in person. "Daddy what's that stuff on your camera?"

As advertised it's blocky as heck. It is hard to get used to holding it. I put my cheap $6 hand grip on it and it's a lot better (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00166EUI0/ ) as I don't feel like I have to grip it too tightly. I was afraid the grip would not fit as the tripod screw is so off center to the left but it seems to do fine.

The camera is begging for a bump or ridge to position my right thumb. Our *istDL and even our old (smaller) 35mm "Superprogram" have such a ridge/bump and there is space for one on the K-01. Has anyone tried to add some sort of aftermarket thumb assistance device to the K-01?

In addition to the 40mm, I'm using our old 50mm F1.7 lens. In "P mode" with the lens set to auto aperture the best I can do with the prime is F2.0. I think I recall this being a know issue with the older lenses, or am I doing something wrong? 
Another issue is that with the manual focus lens I don't get any focus confirmation? I could have sworn my *istDL either beeped or had a box or dot turn great or something when it thought it was in focus. It's been a while though, maybe I'm misremembering. Is there any way besides focus peaking to get a focus confirmation when using manual lenses.

Focus peeking is not the "cureall" I thought it would be on the manual lens. The peeking is neat but it's very distracting and obscures the fine details (such as eyelashes) that I normally use to nail MF . It's probably an old-dog new trick thing but I reprogrammed the red button to enable/disable it.

Where do you put the lens cap for the the 40mm? I can't see myself holding on to that cap for a very long time with out some sort of retention assistance. I'd love a way to attach it to the camera.

My K-01 shipped with firmare 1.00. I'm about to do the upgrade to 1.02.... wish me luck.

I was worried that the old firmware was indicative of an "open box"/less than new camera but the shutter count on my first picture is "3" (I assume the first 2 were testing at the factory?). 
DNG Only? I thought I screwed up my LR settings but some googling shows the K-01 only does DNG.  I'm OK with that I guess. One foot deeper in adobeland.. (I use LR).

Wow. There is a huge difference between the Canon 40mm and the Pentax 40mm. The pentax looks/feels a lot cheaper and has a very different design but so far the IQ does not seem to suffer.

Sensor cleaning on startup shutdown is off by default. I guess that's a good thing as it's fairly loud compared to my Canon T2i.

Bags.  Are there any formfitting bags for the K-01 with the 40mm? Right now I'm using my Canon T2i bag, a Lowepro Apex 100 AW:

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000KZD73W .

It's an OK fit with the 50mm lens but when the camera has the 40mm there is a ton of room. Seeing it knock around in a bag which is tight with the T2i and the 40mm sort of defeats the "it's almost the same size as a DSLR argument".  I'd like to find a smaller, more formfitting bag that are easy to open and close; are there any suggestions for a small K-01 bag?

Somewhere kicking around here I have the *istDL lens. Is that worth digging out for the K-01 or is the new kit lens tons better?

Wow. If you made it this far thanks for putting up with my ramblings, and thanks in advance for any suggestion on: 40mm cap retention, add-on thumb grip, small bag for the K-01, and/or tips on making focus peaking work

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