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Re: Magnified review is likely the best

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pannayar wrote:

That is precisely what I was wondering just a while ago. What are the values/assumptions built into CoC "c" in the in-camera DOF calculators?

I have ignored them on my LX3 for that reason (of the complete uncertainty). Since you have a LX7 or two, how about doing some testing and educate us as to your observations (i.e., determine if the DOF reading changes at all when the preview-magnification is used, and such).

The COC diameter could be determined by working backwards from a known Focal Length and Camera to Subject Distance. I could help you with that. The EXIF data contains the Focal Length. Make sure you know the distance of the Plane of Focus (which is not in the EXIF data), and record the approximate maximum/minimum distance readings of the DOF indicator We could then determine the COC diameter used from knowing the LX7's image-sensor diagonal size.

Ok here are a few shots.  My eyes' hyperfocal distance is shooting up enormously (in english: time to bed) and I am not sure if I am doing this right...

The last image is the captured one with the EXIF data (f=4.7mm, F/1.4).

Subject distance (I blindly assume it is the chair in this case, and not the curtain behind) = 75 inches approx.  (fwiw, the curtain is about 50 inches behind the chair).

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