Is the the proper place to discuss film scanners?

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Re: Is the the proper place to discuss film scanners?

If you can get a good deal, get the 750 as it is bundled with the very good Silverfast Ai 6 application and if you get it new, within 6 months you may be elligible to a free Ai 8 version, which is very easy to beginners.

But ask Lasersoft first as the deal may be over now.

I have very good negativ scans with this combo, the only grief I have is that it is fixed focus ( 700 too ) and a bit fiddly to get it right.

Speed is not such a big problem as once setup you can scan up to 12 mounted slides or 24 negs in one batch scan plus you have a Kodachrome process which while not as good as calibrating with a real Kodachrome IT8 target, gives you very good results out of the box..

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