Legacy Lenses - Buyer Beware!

Started Feb 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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AllMankind wrote:

I have bought a lot of used lenses from KEH, and B&H, by the way. Never had a problem.

KEH is particularily good. I have found their lens rating to be somewhat on the conservative side. Plus, if something arrives and it is not quite what you thought it was going to be, they will happily replace/exchange it.

On another note: I have had trouble with ordering on their web site. So I find what I am looking for, then call to place the order. Their staff is second to none when it comes to customer service.

As for ebay... NEVER.

Both Keh and B&H are just as big a gamble. I had 80% bad luck with lenses from Keh last year. I had 100% bad luck with used camera sold by B&H. Lenses are easier, it's usually immediately obvious if they are bad, so you can send them back. But the DSLR from B&H started showing random defects a year after purchase, so I basically described all the defects and sold it for peanuts on ebay. I had similar experience with refurbished camera, though it was long time ago so I'm not sure it was from B&H. Anyhoo, I'm not buying used or refurbished cameras from anybody anymore, and used lenses only if there is at least 2 weeks return window.

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