Are Canon and Nikon falling behind on entry-level DSLRs?

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Absolutely, definitely completely and utterly

I would say so, I bought a Canon 650D/T4i as my first 'proper' camera in October last year and was pretty disappointed, so disappointed I ended up selling it on ebay and purchasing a Pentax K30 new.
When I initially laid out the money for the Canon (which I had saved for most of a year) I had no idea the K30 even existed, after I discovered it I was dubious because it seemed to be literally too good for the money compared to other similarly priced cameras. I did like the Canon at first, but after a short while I pretty much stopped using the touch screen entirely and just wished for more manual controls, decided there was something about the images I didn't like and that they were noisier than I was expecting compared to my old point and shoot. Then I discovered DXO mark and began to feel quite cheated by Canon, I know enough about maths and physics to be able to read simple graphs, but also take those figures with a grain of salt because no where do they explain their methodology. However, using DPReview's comparison tool illuminated just how much the K30 pooped on the 650D in image quality alone - but it was the weather sealing and added knobs and buttons and many features that sealed the deal for me.
To further rose tint the wonderful Pentax - I actually managed to sell my (at this point hated and disgusting marketing gimmick fest) Canon 650D on ebay for THE SAME PRICE I BOUGHT THE K30 AT NEW FROM A REPUTABLE ENGLISH MAIL ORDER COMPANY. The Canon is just a joke now in my eyes.

I would like to add that I am no rabid fan boy, I realise fully that there are things about the Canon system that outshine that of the Pentax. Canon's flash system is better, they have a better lens line up, there is more external support with things like intervalometers, tethering software and delicious hacked firmware, the 650D/T4i also focuses in very slightly lower light - although the K30 is faster at focusing both through the viewfinder and in liveview (which I found particularly hilarious given Canon's marketing fluff).
All of the above was not enough to sway me from selling an obviously inferior camera to buy an obviously superior (and cheaper) one in its place. I don't have or plan to have several thousand pounds to spend on a lens or two anyway, I am quite happy with the fantastic IQ I get from old manual lenses at £30-£50 a pop and have no problem manually focusing through the lovely, massive, 100% viewfinder.
To use an analogy, what Canon is doing in many ways is like AMD trying to sell 6 year old 90nm Athlon 64 processors at a higher price than Intel is selling current Ivybridge 22nm processors - and succeeding. Those Athlons were great at the time and still ok in many ways, but compared to the current, readily available technology they are laughable.

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