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Market research driven mistake?

Ronald A Yorko wrote:

A mistake by Sony to notch the A57's down like this.

It is I am afraid typical of Sony.  They have been doing it ever since the days of the A100 and A700.

It took until the A77 (which s of course a top of the range aps-c camera) for features that were on even the A100 that got dropped from successor models to reappear.  Loads of threads in the forum moaning that so called improved models in the A3xx/4xx/5xx range still didn't have things like AE spot toggle and mirror lock up.

Last week I was sent a survey from Sony as a registered A77 owner.   It was a LONG survey and I do wonder how many people who were sent it bothered to stick with it but it was a very interesting survey to see.

Why? Because it was VERY detailed in asking about what features were valued on the A77 as well as what I felt was most important in a new camera.  It included such features as I mention above such as AE spot toggle and asked how often they were used etc.

In my opinion Sony will use the results of this survey and other market research to determine what features a replacement A77 camera will have which on the face if it sounds good but in fact it can be counter productive from a photographers point of view.

If survey results don't show a lot of use for something  like the fully articulated LCD or AE spot toggle they will be quite likely to drop such features.

They have never seemed to "get it" that cameras are not generic one-size fits all tools and that while some people never use certain features that doesn't mean they aren't valuable to others.

For me the A77 is pretty much spot on but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the A78 added something like auto-ISO in manual mode and then went and removed something else such as AE spot toggle.  It is just how Sony seem to think and it is very frustrating.

Contrast this to the new Nikon 7100.  That camera builds on its predecessor.  It may not be as technologically advanced as a step as the A77 was from the A700 but at least the Nikon builds on its predecessor.  That is a concept Sony don't seem to understand.

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