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olindacat wrote:

Do you microfocus adjust? Are you (like me) expecting your fine Nikon glass to match up with your camera, or do you force yourself to learn the technical side to achieve great results.

I did some initial tests and found that no AF Fine-tune adjustments were needed. As I shoot photos I haven't had any trouble with the PDAF. I had to fine tune my D700 to a small degree, but not the D800E.

If in your normal shooting you are not experiencing problems with front or back focus, I wouldn't worry about it.

I have found that if I grab a nice shot, no even if it is slightly soft at 100%, I rarely have to print that large and thus, it goes unnoticed (except for here ;-). How close to focal length is your shutter speed? How many here are using monopods with their higher pixel cams? (I am using one almost all the time for unexpected situations -- just to be safe).

I use a tripod most of the time. It is what I am used to from shooting medium and large format. In the situations where I am shooting hand-held, I use flash or try to use 1/(3xFL) or at least 1/(2xFL), but I am not very steady.

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