Nikon D7100 will kill Panasonic GH3

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All mirrorless and DSLR have stunning IQ nowadays

Look at the current batch of DSLR and mirrorless cameras :

4/3 is nearly as good as APS-C which is nearly as good as FF

Differences in IQ are so narrow nowadays that it became an insignificant criterion for most of us, enthusiasts photographers.

This should rejoice us, because it should cancel this nasty "jump ship" feeling that comes sometimes to our mind.

Today, we can grab our camera, whichever it is, and shoot confidently in most situations without worrying about IQ.

Unfortunately, some old slogans ingrained in our minds by the power of advertising are difficult to remove. Those slogans are :

  • bigger is better
  • newer is better

As long as we will blindlessly follow this propaganda made by big corporations, we will be unsatisfied customers like the OP, who think that a new product, just because it's new and well advertised, will kill everything else on earth.

Let's look at the photography world with new eyes and let's's get rid of this old thinking, which is put in our minds by people who artificially maintain us in a state of permanent dissatisfaction, because they just want us to spend money.

Enjoy your current gear, because it is actually enjoyable, and because you deserves it!

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