Has anyone used the Aurora FBO65 Firefly Beauty Box?

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Re: Has anyone used the Aurora FBO65 Firefly Beauty Box?

Brent Allen Thale wrote:

I've used the 20-inch Aurora Beauty Box quite a bit and love it. Solid construction, metal bracket, it doesn't feel like a cheap umbrella but instead a quality piece of equipment.

I recently compared the FBO 65, which is the 26-inch newer model, on Amazon to the 20-inch, have only used the 65 so far in test shots:


The 20-inch is more portable, mount it on a cheap monopod and you can easily navigate through crowds. The 26-inch is noticeably larger, haven't tried it in a crowd yet but I can imagine it will be a tougher squeeze.

I was concerned the FBO 65 doesn't have the hotspot-blocking mirrored patch the 20-inch Aurora has, but it doesn't appear to need it, I took this shot which shows very even lighting across the face of the FBO 65:


If you want to see examples of the 20-inch, I have lots here taken at a costume convention, I expect the 26 to be a touch softer:


Thank you very much. Your comment really helps me.

I think you bought the first version of the FBO 65, which doesn't include the anti-hotspot patch. I see all FOB 65 sold here including the anti-hotspot patch exactly like the FBO 50. The size of the path are the same in two version.

I recently know that Aurora introduced the new version of Firefly Beauty box namely Firefly II. As you can read in the website : http://www.alb.co.kr/eng/product/detail.aspx?pCode=78&idx=53

The only different between the two version is that the center pole of Firefly II is screw threaded onto which the optional deflector DFS15 can be mounted. This deflector turns the Firefly II into a beauty dish. I really don't know how effective it is. But it looks interesting.

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