Coming from Canon to EM-5.

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Re: Coming from Canon to EM-5.

ThomCull wrote:

Hey everyone,

I recently sold my Canon gear in favour of the EM-5 solely because I go back country hiking for days at a time often over 100's of kilometres and I can't stand to carry the Canon any more. Given that this is over a long period where I must carry food, and water sometimes weight is pretty much my biggest concern but I also want to have decent quality, I'm aware I won't be getting 5D Mk3. Most of my shots are between 25-50mm on the Canon and then 150-300. Mostly I like to capture the views but also if I see an owl or moose floating around I don't want to be limited. I only print 4x5's really, so I know noise won't be an issue.

What would you recommend for a lightweight kit in that focal range? I'm impressed by the Panasonic 20mm F/1.7 right off the bat, I can see it staying on the camera 85% of the time. I'm really on the fence regarding the 12-50, it seems ideal but the aperture really makes me think twice.


12-50mm is a very good lens (my real world test not pixel peeping or brick shot) it's weather sealed and the macro could be handy for your hike. If budget is not an issue and you want fast zoom get the Panasonic 12-35mm. For long zoom the 45-150mm is very light and good quality too.

Good luck and have fun on your hike. Don't forget lots of battery and SD cards

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