Is higher OVF magnification possible?

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Re: Is higher OVF magnification possible?

hellocrowley wrote:

I don't understand the "viewing with both eyes" technique that people here rave about when the OVF magnification is 0.6x. Looking through a "normal" lens (35mm) is more like looking through a 87mm lens. How can you make quick enough adjustment from left eye to right eye?

Is there any reason why Fuji doesn't make a higher mag. like the Leica M3? It would make the 58/60mm frameline much bigger and easier to compose.

It is one of the hardest things for me to accept, also. I use a Canon P, a camera with 100% magnification from the viewfinder. You can literally shoot one eye open the entire time although the rangefinder patch isn't as clearly visible as it should be.

The OVF on the X-Pro isn't only small magnification, but it is completely tiny.

In the next version of the XPro, it would be great to have the option to get one WITH a zooming tiny viewfinder for the tech kiddies, and a larger one with better eye point, and larger magnification, for the other kiddies.

Cosina and Zeiss have offered this for years, and you can purchase Leica cameras with different magnifications. Obviously, the XPro isn't a rangefinder. Its lenses and body behave more like SLR tools than anything, but the fixed OVF window really does beg some interesting questions.

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