Those AWFUL 70-200 Nikon Zooms! ;-) Locked

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Re: Please leave the policing up to the moderators. I have found this post helpful but

Thanks.  I need to update the gallery with new stuff (and esp stuff shot since getting the D7000).  As for the rest, I got a reputation on the Sony forum for beating dead horses with regards to several flaws.  I can't claim any responsibility myself, but Sony has responded to some of the uproar on various things.

So far, I'm happy with Nikon, though I'd like to see a couple specific lenses.  I have the 70-200 and it's a great lens.  The breathing doesn't bother me as I don't seem to need 200mm once a subject gets close.  Then, I'm shooting DX ... maybe on FX it would be a bigger deal.  One of the reasons I switched was because Sony's 70-200 (a rebadged Minolta) is outdated, with mediocre wide open sharpness (great from f/4) and mediocre AF, but a top shelf price tag.

- Dennis

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