d7100 seems awesome, maybe a better d800 than the d800?

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Re: d7100 seems awesome, maybe a better d800 than the d800?

mistermejia wrote:

Kerry Pierce wrote:

As a DX camera, the d7100 flat out trounces the d800 in every category that I can think of, ATM. If this sensor is their best DX sensor yet, then it will also be an awesome low ISO camera, likely to be every bit as good as the d800 sensor, at 1/3 the price. woof... That's just incredible.

I'm going to be watching the reviews and especially on the sensor, with great interest. I may need to unload my d800 before the prices fall through the floor.

This is a good day to be a Nikon user. Of course, there's still much speculation on a future d400. I wouldn't be surprised to see them do a d400, since the d7100 isn't quite up to the d300 standards for an action/sports camera. But, for now at least, we've finally learned that Nikon hasn't abandoned the upper level DX market segment, unlike the predictions of the DPR pundits.

There's still much to learn about the new camera, but it would certainly appear that Nikon has hit another home run.


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Isn't this always the case?? That is exactly why they anounce these DX cameras LAST, after a good amount of people have already spent their money on FF. We are back to square one like when the D7000 came out and folks decided it was so good and almost as good as the D700 FF, and didn't find the need to spend so much money on FF. This is nothing new and a never ending story in the marketting business

Now that i think about it, the D400 should have come before D7100, so if the darn D400 does not make it by december, is just NOT going to come out.

Indeed the D7100 to have stayed at $1199 is INCREDIBLE and good for me!

And in most ways they were wrong. The 7000 was not as good as a 700. Maybe as a sensor, not as a camera.

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