OK, the Canon CEO spills the beans.

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Re: Oh I see, a D90...

photoenth47 wrote:

I absolutely agree. It seems silly to be always worrying about having the latest-greatest equipment, rather than focussing on actually using it. What pictures are you actually taking? How much are you learning about shooting better pictures, composition, light, etc? A "better" camera will not mean better pictures, unless you are a good photographer. Stop worrying about how great a new model may or may not be, and start using what you already have to its capabilities. Any modern DSLR since about 2007 will take great pictures - if you know how to use it. It's a real trap to get caught up with technology rather than picture-taking. Why do you actually have a camera?

Some people like the hobby of both equipment and photography...so it's horses for courses.  Nothing wrong with anybody keeping their equipment or having the latest thing. In the grand scheme of things the DX camera body is insignificantly cheap on a per year cost basis, especially compared to other hobbies.

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