Best skin tone? JPEG OOC from current mirrorless compact camera.?

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Re: Too subjective - Also it depends on the camera Colour Setting

Vlad S wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:

Which current mirrorless compact camera has the best, most accurate, pleasing skin tone rendition JPEG straight out of camera.?

The contenders: Oly, Panny, Fuji, Sony.

Olympus has punchier skin colors, and Fuji more neutral. It's like some people like tanned skin, and others like pale. There's no "best," it's just a preference.


I agree it's very subjective. Also, it really depends on the camera colour setting which is true for OOC JPEG. Eg. I prefer "Provia" in X100 for skin-tone than "velvia"; for OMD, I prefer the i-enhance than the Portrait setting.

Generally, here's my order of preference:

1. Fuji (X100, XPro1) - it gives the best skin-tone in my opinion for all skin-colours. The colour looks "alive" but somehow it looks soft at the same time.

2. Canon - slightly yellowish on skin but it makes the skin looks softer and hides the imperfection.

3. Nikon - it gives slightly reddish look, it's more truthful in my opinion but it means acne/pimple looks more obvious.

4. Olympus (OMD) - it gives dull colour, too dull in my opinion.

I have never tried Panasonic or Sony cameras so I can't comment on them.

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