Nikon D7100 - the end of high-end DX?

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Re: Nikon D7100 - the end of high-end DX?

hjulenissen wrote:

SMPhoto wrote:

Higher pixel density is a good thing? I asked my lenses and they disagreed...

A camera of high pixel density will never produce blurrier images than a camera of low pixel density, even if they are used with a poor lens (everything else equal, of course).


But obviously everything else wasn't equal in his comparison. The 800's sensor is larger. I'm saying that at a given megapixel resolution, a smaller, denser sensor isn't necessarily a good thing, and will be more demanding on glass to take advantage of it's resolution (though not necessarily away from center of frame if it's using sweet spot of FX glass).

I would also challenge that "never" statement in some cases even IF the sensors are the same size (though you did say if everything else is equal), because rarely is everything else equal. At higher ISOs higher density sensor tend to produce higher noise levels, which can cause blurring from NR. Take the Canon G10 and G11 compacts. When they went down from 15 to 10 megapixels they lost detail at ISOs below 200, but gained detail above that. Same with D3S vs D3X (though it took much higher ISOs to flip over).

None of this means that I don't think that the D7100 will not provide the highest level of detail of any DX camera Nikon, or likely anyone else, has ever produced. I'm sure it will. I'm just not ready to say that it will take the crown away from the D800/E.

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