Did a photoshoot today, can someone critique me?

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Re: Did a photoshoot today, can someone critique me?

MarkInSF wrote:

If you want a detailed critique it's best if you limit your shots to a more manageable number. Wuite a few of these are similar and could be cut. I'll just make a note about the first.

I'm sure you found the pipe/conduit on the wall interesting, but it forms a tangent line with your model's profile. Tangents often cause problems in art, as the two forms can become visually attached at the edge. In this case that pulls the pipe forward and it seems stuck to the model's front. Also, keep in mind that bright shapes tend to come forward and dark shapes recede. That tends to flatten your model onto the brighter wall behind her. In some of the other pictures her dark profile forms more interesting shapes. In a situation like this be very aware of the negative spaces being formed. Since they're lighter than the model those shapes are especially prominent on these shots.

Ya the first image was hard cause if i cut it more veritically, the image is like a bookmark haha.

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