GF5 seems to get no respect

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Re: I am sick and tired.....

tedolf wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

bunfoolio wrote:

DPR has not even done a review on it...

People here seem to not sing it praise....

I just bought the version with the x series lens to replace my E-pl2 and could not be happier. It is very compact and easier to use. The new 12mp sensor is great and the GF5 does a lot better in low light. If you are looking for something small and inexpenise you can not go wrong.

Just my 2 cents.

According to DxOMark, the sensor is as bad as other 12MP m43 sensors. It's very hard to recommend a GF5 when the EPM2 has so much better sensor for the same price. The difference between GF5 and EPM2 is like the difference between EPM2 and a full frame camera.

of people beating up on the 12mp sensor.

I put the E-pl1 in the DPR compare-0-meter thingy and I am not seeing any difference between that and the E-PM2 bellow ISO 1600.

What percentage of shots are taken above ISO 1600 anyway?

Lots of people here are lothe to give up their E-pl1's with the "bad" 12mp sensor.


The E-PM2 has so much less shadow noise, and better highlights as well. The DR advantage is real.

The old 12MP is no better than the sensor in a panasnoic LX7.

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