fast lens Lx7 vs big sensor of the RX100....

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Re: fast lens Lx7 vs big sensor of the RX100.... LX-7 CF Sony NEX-F3 and Pany

Firstly, the discussion here has been quite enjoyable with solid points of view on both cameras, and respectable appreciation of opinions which is nice (I've seen too many threads go off the rails arguing about which camera is better).  Thank you for entertaining me, as someone who is clearly not as knowledgable as most of you who posted here.

Lots to chew on and certainly difficult to draw conclusions, but what I can tell is that certainly in the right hands, both Cameras can perform.    I honestly think I'm better off waiting to see what the RX200 or LX9 has to offer.  These camera's do offer a big leap forward (particularly the Sony) and some improvements can make all the difference.

I also have to weigh what my main purpose will be (I think for me its an everything Camera...Landscapes, Portraits, family shots, Macro, Sunsets, City Shots, etc).  For example, while I look at these camera's and realize they offer me the opportunity to get some amazing photo's (of which I will never view at 100%), I'm tempted and I will learn how to use PASM to get optimal pictures.

HOWEVER, I have always been drawn to my Lumix ZS3 and was tempted to buy the HX20V, I realize the tradeoffs with these camera's, but wanted the zoom (something the RX100 can offer with Clearzoom).    The Lumix TZ40 seems to have some amazing features that appeal to me (touch screen, 5 axis IS, smartphone remote shooting capability, and much more) although talk about a slow lens as one would expect in this category.

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