Walking today on the beach with the Samyang

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Thank you Tedolph for your comments. I've followed your posts in the forum (and frequently chuckled at them) since I also still love my EPl1 and my EPl2 for that matter. Yes, photophool is right. The trick is keeping the camera totally level with the horizon and avoiding vertical lines on the edges. However, you are ALSO right: not all situations work out equally. It depends a lot on the characteristics of the foreground. For instance, in number 3 you can notice that the coastline is a bit curved in, but in this case it doesn't matter since we expect those irregularities on the shoreline. So, the lens challenges  you to really look before you shoot and makes you work a little bit, but that is one of the things I like about it, since it teaches me stuff. By the way, the first image is also straight.... It is simply a photo of a totally round artificial hill that looks like a flying saucer. I included it on purpose as a joke, because it gives you the fisheye look, but it is actually straight.  The Samyang is really a fun lens to play with....No defishing post processing is necessary for landscapes if the image is carefully composed.

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