Are SLR lenses better than Rangefinder lenses on X cameras?

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Re: Are SLR lenses better than Rangefinder lenses on X cameras?

Menedem wrote:

pluton wrote:

But, remember that lenses designed specifically for a given digital sensor/camera setup can sit very close to the sensor and have excellent image quality: witness the Fuji X lenses, or that new Sony RX-1.

No doubt about it. Fuji XF digital lenses will always work best on the Fuji digital system. What I am after is a reasonable solution for focal lengths that Fuji does not cover yet, like the teles.

Teles won't matter if you get SLR or whatever mount. They are long out of necessity. I.e. a 100mm lens on a Fuji XP1 would be longer than a 100mm on an SLR, making the sensor to end of lens length about the same between the two. Corner performance on teles is usually of little concern either.


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