Nikon D7100 will kill Panasonic GH3

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Re: I´m with you on this one...

JMaldonado01 wrote:

Yes, for any one not really invested on lenses, or if Panasonic was thinking on getting Nikoners with GH3, not going to happen. If there is not a real size & weight advantage then APS - C is much better. Now with the 1.3x crop of D7100, the reach of both systems is equal, this was a very, very smart move from Nikon that will help them contain people that where thinking on m4/3 for birding, safaris, Air Shows or similar type of photography that benefited of the longer reach. Simply the AF of Nikon is far superior to any m4/3 AF for continuos AF.

The reach is equal but the viewfinder still shows the original 1.5 crop in a viewfinder that is already smaller than the GH3.  The subject you are shooting will be much smaller in the D7100 viewfinder.

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