Alpa Kern-Macro-Switar 50/1.9 - 4 test images

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Re: Alpa Kern-Macro-Switar 50/1.9 - 4 test images

What are you using as a adp. anyway.  I picked up a Kipon Adp ring that goes from Alpa to M without any problems.  It has a ring on the inside of the adp. that couples the alpa to the M focusing cam that you adjust by screwing it in and out to set the Inf. focus for whatever M camera body you are using it on.  It's not elegant but it seems to work I used it on a friends M-9 and on my M-5.  I have three Alpa lenses and the only one that has the RF focusing is the 50mm Makro Switar, I think that was left over from the Alpa 5 & 7 that had the RF focusing as well as a 45 deg finder for SLR use.  They were never quick cameras to use.  My 24mm does not have any rf focusing and I have not tried the 40mm f2.8 makro kilar, also all the Alpa adp. I have seen sold say they will only work with a 50mm lens for rf focusing.


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