GF5 seems to get no respect

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Re: GF5 seems to get no respect

The problem with the GF5 as I see it here is entirely down to the target market - Panasonic has undoubtedly aimed it at the consumer/beginner market, rather than the more advanced enthusiasts that populate a board like here - whereas a beginner will see it as superb quality and a great wee camera, we are more likely to notice things like a lack of direct control that prompts us to look to the higher end models to get what we want out of a camera.

Comparing the GF3/GF5 side by side with a camera like the GX1 shows a gulf in the potential I see in it as a serious amateur photographer, as it won't handle quite like how I would prefer, while a newcomer to more advanced camera will still be blown away by it and more than happy.

A great camera, just we/I am not the target market of it.

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