D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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Re: It wasn't meant to adjust lenses in the first place.

lock wrote:

If all lenses you have suddenly need +20 and Nikon says the body is within specs, it is time to confront Nikon with evidence they are likely making a mistake. For that they need to see 'within specs' with multiple lenses of the OP. The conclusion could be that all lenses were off at the same degree and the body was fine........or the camera was not within specs afterall. Either way, it will solve the problem the OP is experiencing.


It wont be that time until he actually gets the camera back from Nikon and verifies that it still needs +20 for all lenses.

Turns out he doesn't have the camera back yet and this whole thread is about his angst over a telephone (or was it email?) conversation. He may have just misunderstood them. They may have been telling him it now is within factory specs while he thought they were saying that it was in within factory specs. Or, the Nikon folk may have gotten confused when looking at the records and not realalized that an adjustment had been done.

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