D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: 14 shot RAW buffer in Crop mode

SHood wrote:

According to IR Preview the D7100 has a 14 shot RAW buffer in Crop mode. I suspect most sports/wildlife photographers who would need a larger buffer would use this crop mode most of the time anyways due to less cropping in PP and smaller files to work with.

I think this crop mode is a good option for a cheaper sports/wildlife body. Now they need to upgrade their 100-400 zoom. This still doesn't negate the need for a D400 with 8-10fps and even larger buffer.

If you constantly would use the 1.3x crop mode on the D7100 you would have 15,3 MP, 7 bps and a 14 images buffer of 12-bit compressed NEF compared to the D7000 with 16,2 MP, 6 bps, 15 images buffer of 12-bit compressed NEF. The only real gain of the D7100 would then be the AF-performance and not image quality or buffer.

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