Wow banding is really bad on d5200

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Re: It is 5 stop over exposure!!!!

rockjano wrote:

Well be realistic

It is 5 stop over exposure!!!! You don't see it in +2 exposure and I would never-ever do even that.

I never expose so bad that +1 stop would not repair it.

And if you DO push it that much the picture will never be good only just-good-enough.

So it is a VERY extreme case. This cam and sensor is still great, and it works in video mode very well.

The D7100 will really be interesting. Is it the same sensor without AA filter or is it something absolutely different??

Would that AA filter remove makes a difference in still and video quality???


If D7100 also has the same sensor (Nikon is unlikely to use the one from D3200) then I think it's safe to assume that it'll also be prone to banding under similar (mis)treatment! Absence of AA filters shouldn't affect things much as far as noise-banding is concerned. I've read couple of reviews of D5200's video (including the very good one @eosHD) which praise the overall IQ and lack of Moire in D5200 clips compared against other DSLRs and M4/3s. It seems like the low pass filter in D5200 is pretty strong and both stills and videos can use some sharpening in PP. With the D7100, I believe the results will sharper OOC but there will be more prominent Moire patterns.

Back to "banding", I wonder if the Nikon sensor of D3200 has any (or the Sony in Nex7/A77 for that matter)! Have anyone tried pulling shadows in range of 5 stops with those?

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