70 years ago: trial and execution of Hans and Sophie Scholl

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Re: 70 years ago: trial and execution of Hans and Sophie Scholl

28to70 wrote:

In 1933 the German people had 2 choices. The communists that had infiltrated every segment of the Weimar Republic, and the Nazi Party under Hitler. What people now days don't understand is the insidious genocidal nature of the communists. There can be only one or the other. The German people came to love Hitler before the war.

They probably did love Hitler but it is interesting to note that when he ran for office he was defeated. He was not elected by the people to any high office but simply seized power.

Hitler's major mistake, and something that he absolutely had to do, was to take the power of the International banksters from them. The power to print debt money. The same power clique that rules the world today. The same power that makes serfs of us.

Oh, I think I would put his attempts at ethnic cleansing as his major mistake.

The winners of WW2 wrote the history books. I don't believe in them. Even General Patton came to believe that he had fought the wrong nation.

General Patton certainly wanted to defeat Hitler although he also felt when that job was done we should take on Russia.

I'm sure those white rose members were cheering Hitler when he took power.

Sure, but if you did not cheer then you faced a rather drastic end. Hitler and his gang were not much into anyone not following the party line.

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