Sell my SEL24f18Z for a SAL 1680Z - am I mad?

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Re: Sell my SEL24f18Z for a SAL 1680Z - am I mad?

Chewbokeh wrote:


I take most of my shots during daylight and portraits of my kids and usually just use OOC Jpegs. I have had the CZ24 for a while and had some great shots but sometimes have to get physically closer to get the shot I want (or crop) - I initially bought it because it was the best IQ E mount lens.

I already have an LA-EA2 adapter and now considering selling the CZ24 to buy the SAL16-80 and adding a bit more to get the Sony 35 for low light since it is more appropriate for portraits. My questions are:

Would the 16-80 at 24mm be just as good as my CZ24mm in terms of colour/sharpness? - if so it would give me a useful zoom range with no loss of IQ; this is my current persuasive thinking...

Would the Sony 35 be 'worse' IQ than the SEL24 (I know there is much love of the 35 on this forum)

Hope this all makes sense.

I'd love to know more about the quality comparison too, I wish there was a tool that can compare test shots between different lens at different FL.

But anyway, since you are taking shots of your kids isn't it pretty obvious SAL is the way to go anyway because PDAF?

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