Third party batteries/charger for RX-1

Started Feb 21, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Third party batteries/charger for RX-1

Robgo2 wrote:

Any opinions on whether the much less expensive third party batteries and chargers are up to the job, or should I stick with Sony branded products? I have already decided that I will not buy the outrageously priced lens hood from Sony. For what it actually costs to manufacture that hood, it should have been included with the camera.


i bought the oem models. compared to the price of the camera, the cost is small. one forum participant said that in the past, he had had to drill a non-oem battery out of his camera. he did not say which camera and which battery maker.

i don't use a hood. just a protective or nd filter as needed. keeps the camera more discreet - but that's just my opinion.

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