New rumor about possible specs for 7D MkII

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Re: Fixed LCD...why?

ljfinger wrote:

I am right. They are saying that you are seeing what the out-of-camera JPEG would look like. That isn't the final image, at least for me.

This isnt about contrast / colour / DR, this is about exposure.

Prove it. canon says otherwise. all you got is your words.

All the LCD shows is the raw processing done by the camera, displayed on an LCD or EVF. It doesn't show you the raw data.

Prove it. and prove canon is wrong.

Canon didn't say it showed the raw data. Read your own link:

"If this is shown in white, it indicates that the image you are seeing on the rear screen is close to what the final image will look like. "

It doesn't say "raw data". Since it's obvious that the camera has no control over what you do to the image after it is captured, "final image" to the camera is its own "final image", namely its own interpretation of the raw data called the out-of-camera JPEG.

This has nothing to do with RAW data, it does not need to be RAW data. Blown highlight is blown.

No, you are just not aware that the meter is not a blind thing in a modern dSLR. They are calibrated to specific lenses. Even raw processing is for ultra-fast lenses... LV isn't more accurate or less, just different.

Why would it be different then?

Because it's measured using a different sensor that works in an entirely different way.

So by your logic canon calibrates lenses but not the metering sensor? it is makes no-sense.

My experience with LV is that it misses exposure and focus more often than do the regular approaches.

We are not talking about focus. as far as exposure goes, your experience doesn't prove anything. it could well be that you were not using EC correctly in situation where it is due.

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