Goodbye Nikon after 28 years ...

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"you're right, Nikon makes no cameras that do this.".

Unfortunately due to abbreviating my specifications too much you misunderstood me. My apologies.

You are totally correct that Nikon do provide cameras with aperture priority etc. What I was trying to get across, and obviously unsuccessfully for you, was that I want the simplicity of yore. If I could get a digital back for my Canon T90 I would be happy; very happy.

A lightweight camera and lens system is a must. When I travel I travel with a carry on bag/ rucsack only. This can limit me to 8kg to 12kg. I shoot a wide variety of things, from air shows to wildlife (elephants to penguins), weddings, parties, art, macro, landscapes, holiday snaps, street photography, etc. In fact anything I like. I also shoot video; not much, but some. I can be any where from Glasgow, Scotland, where all it ever does is rain or snow (except the past few days) to a desert, jungle, or a beach. I am not always traveling though, and can have the odd big lens.

I have a Nikon D200 which I love. Unfortunately there are two things missing and a few things which I wish were improved. Video and good low light abilities (I hate using a flash as I prefer to take photographs in reportage style). I bought a Panasonic GH1 for its size, weight and the fact it takes video. Unfortunately it just does not work for me.

Back to the Nikon D200. I shoot in RAW. I post process in Aperture. Sometimes I print photos out (A3 and larger). I am not interested in all the shooting menu banks and the other faff (faff to me). When I look at the Leica M9, I see the simplicity that I am after. The new Leica M240 looks even better in my eyes. Unfortunately that is one heck of an expensive camera. Also I can't work out if I want autofocus or not. I do use it quite a lot, but not always. My problem is that I wear varifocals which are not so great always for looking at the camera body and then trying to focus on an object. That's were the auto focus helps. Also I am not sure that using a Leica M240 with a 400mm Leica R lens would be that easy. The live view screen with focus peaking is a great idea, but live view does not seem to work that well in bright lights. Auto bracketing is useful for me. I think being able to set a maximum and minimum ISO value would also be useful.

The full frame cameras, in my price range, are slightly too big, as are the lenses you have to buy. Also none of the full frame cameras have the frames per second I wish for, other than the D4. I can't afford £5,000 plus for some of the larger lenses which is where the DX format is good for me (even though I compromise on low light photography). I need the robustness of a "professional" camera, which also precludes many of the other Nikon range.

I don't want a camera that has loads and loads of buttons, scene modes and god knows what else. I want a camera that suits my needs.

Toomanycannons, hopefully you now understand what I mean when I wrote that Nikon don't make a camera I want. If not I can give you more details.

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