TO RX1 Owners: How much is it worth to you?

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Re: dollar value can be calculated in a lot of ways

1. if i no longer reach for my m9 + 50mm summilux asph, does that mean the rx1 might be worth $10k to me? (if i throw in the other lenses, we are talking more than that)

2. if i amortize the actual amount i paid over the expected life of the camera - let's say 5 years, using my now "obsolete" but still functioning and used daily white macbook as a measure - then with the evf, filters, etc., that's maybe $700/year - less than many many people pay for a latte from starbucks every day and certainly much less than many spend on cell phones and phone contracts

3. if sony never makes another rx1 (or "improves" it), then amortize the cost over maybe 10 years, because i assume they will have to provide at least a minimum of service for that period, which takes it down to $350/year (if i live that long) - what is that? less than $30/month?

4. if i use it for the rest of my life, well, no way to project that or the actual monthly/daily $ amount, but let's just say i hope to cut it to pennies:-)

5. if it becomes a classic because of the lens, especially if it becomes a one-off by sony, it could even conceivably increase in value a bit, like some leica lenses, so then would i have to ask if it is costing me more to keep it

6. if it becomes a hit and sony recoups its r&d and startup costs then drops the price, will i have paid too much by not waiting or will i have had my money's worth by having been able to use it instead of waiting for the price to drop (at my age, i know the answer)

7. none of this takes into account the value of having readily available a camera which provides so many opportunities for enjoying taking photos - which is the added value only the individual owner can know exists - and may not be able to quantify in terms of dollars

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