Aperture or Lightroom for Macbook Pro?

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Re: Aperture or Lightroom for Macbook Pro?

photoman157 wrote:

A little more info from you would also help, what type of camera? DSLR or point and shoot? Do you shoot RAW or JPEGS? Do you like to do post processing or prefer the bare basics?

Both are good programs, both will run on your MacBook but IMO you're pushing the limit with 4gb of ram, most photo editing programs today operate much better at 8gb of RAM.

I like Lightroom better because I've been using it since version 1.0 I like its cataloging system, integration with photoshop, and plug-in features. Aperture is very similar, but only have used it on a limited basis and don't care for its layout and features, but not because its a bad program. I do like its create photo book function, or calendars , or cards which is similar to I-photo. Other people that I know love Aperture and dislike Lightroom. Consider downloading a trial version of Lightroom and try it, I'm not sure if aperture has a trial period.

I'm just getting started on DSLR's.  Going shopping with a camera buddy next wednesday to help me finalize but I'm probably looking at either a Sony A57, Pentax K-30, or slight chance of a Canon T4i.

Don't have Photoshop, I'll just be running whichever program alone with whatever plugins but probably not any external editor.

I will certainly download a trial for Lightroom as soon as I've got the camera, Aperture used to offer a trial version but no longer does.  If it did, there would be less need to ask ahead of time

I don't really know where you cross the line between basics and heavier post processing.  Probably to start with I'd be doing more basic stuff and then ramping up over time.  I'm a programmer by trade so I do like diddling with software and optimizing stuff.  My best guess is that most pictures will only get basic processing but sometimes I may be picking out some special/favorite shots for more in depth tuning.

Easy-to-use would be nice since I haven't done this before.  Upgrading my OSX I guess could be an option, but I'm honestly a bit wary because I've heard some people say their system slowed down or something stopped working, etc...  It also adds a small extra cost, but not that big a deal.

I definitely want a good way to organize/find pictures.  I'm thinking being able to search by date ranges and also tag pictures with keywords so I can find (for instance) all butterfly pics or say all pics of christmas stuff.  I read that Aperture can recognize faces and let you search by who's in a picture which sounds neat, does Lightroom offer a similar feature?

It would be nice if there was a way to package up a set of photos to share with people, is that what the photo book function is that you mentioned?  This could be online or just a file you can mail to people or whatever.  Ability for family to order a physical book would be a plus, not all but some of our relatives are not very tech-savvy so anything that makes it easier for them to browse our posted shots and get physical prints would help.  That's sort of wandering outside the editor though and more into whatever hosting service you might be using I think.

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