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Re: Thank you for that info >

Michael Edward Rudge wrote:

It took me ages to work out to post a photo with this new page setup system, I suppose to the more intelligent Tech guys, this is a great site, but at 74 and a bit thick I need a helping hand, perhaps one day there will be a instruction for dummies to print out for guys like me

Hey, I'm a guy like you. Personally, I don't think that their last upgrade was "such a success".

The links, I hope that the simple graphics helps.

If you need a helping hand, contact me in private. I'll try my best and maybe I can help. But! The famous but. I'm just a regular "Joe Blow" like everybody else on the forum but I can enforce the:

The basic rules for discussions on are simple: be polite and civil; do not be offensive, malicious or antagonistic; do not break the law and do not post advertising messages.

That's all the extras that I have access to.

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