Boreal birds, birders, bokeh and FF vs 4/3.

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Re: Boreal birds, birders, bokeh and FF vs 4/3.

Well they did say that they will have a body that focus SHQ lenses... I also keep my E-5 at ISO 400 or lower. Lot's of birds have dark feathers which show noise. The 300f2.8 is a brilliant lens and the only reason I use my E-5. Might as well glue them together. Rugged, great ergonomics just lacking in C-AF compared to others. But that isn't to say it's not capable, just more difficult to use. I even tried to use my 50-200SWD as my bird in flight combo but it just couldn't match the great colors from the 300. I thought SWD would be a great advantage over the 300's AF system but it's simply not the case.

Token E-5 and 300mm picture. Many more e-5 and 300mm shots here

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