D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: Ha ha.. smart move, Nikon... or?

rhlpetrus wrote:

zakk9 wrote:

One little detail that will force any action photographer to by a D400 (if it's in the pipeline) or a D4 (which many can't afford) or change to Canon or whatever else is available out there. Your move, Nikon. Please come up with the D400 before my D300 says goodnight, will you?

That's a weird situation:

The Nikon D300 is ancient technology, the Canon 7D almost as old and Pentax isn't famous for its AF accuracy (and not available in many countries). Should I hope for an Olympus E-7?

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Jorgen, my name is Jorgen

7D2 is coming, there will be more choices. Meanwhile either a D300 or a D7100 will fill the gap.

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where is 7d2 ?

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