D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: Have to agree

bobn2 wrote:

PerL wrote:

Otherwise they would give up this segment to Canon 7D (and probable 7DII) which essentially is a mini 1D.

7D is in no way a 'mini 1D'. 7D does not have the 1D's AF unit, either the old 45 point or the new 61 point. Instead it has a 19 point unit, claimed as 'all cross point' but in reality a mix of horizontal and vertical points which don't overlay at the edges, and has big blind spots half way out. Someone actually bothered to evaluate this AF unit, and it isn't that good, certainly not in the same league as the CAM3500, in reality not up to the CAM 4800 either. Then it has a plastic chassis, not a metal one like the 1D. It has metal body panels, but they are not structural. The 7D always matched quite well to the D7000, a bit faster but apart from that, much the same. The D7100 is still not quite as fast but more than a match in the rest of the spec.

and have large DR , no visual banding and pattern noise at base iso

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