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Kruvi wrote:

I'm not a pro or anything like that and neither is this camera advertised as a pro camera, but reading the buffer comments it feels like people have become a bit spoiled over the years with keeping the shutter button down rather than picking the moment.

Some subjects defy such a simple solution.   If you're shooting something with multiple moving subjects, be it kids and dogs, or sharks and fish, or birds, there are multiple variables to deal with.  You want as little overlap as you can get, the wings or legs or hands in the best position.  I can't have the fish's eyes be concealed.  I'd love to see someone that can anticipate the best possible shot within a frame or two.  This is where frame rate and frame length can pay off with a great shot instead of a good one.  You also can avoid rushing the shutter trying to react to the action.  Instead you start a quarter/half second in advance.

This does seem to be the consequence of a $1200 price point.  This memory does not cost that much, but between materials costs and product line differentiation (read higher profits for higher models), it's a corner being cut.  If you don't care one bit about frame count, then you benefit greatly.

Yes, in the old days, people had limitations.  Though it was not a buffer of one - they still had high frame rate (10 fps) with film, they just didn't have 1000 shot rolls.  And as a result, it was harder to get the perfect shots.  The best ones had a combination of skill and luck and simply shooting enough shots to get those winners.

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