Show me 60mm 2.4 Portraits

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Re: Show me 60mm 2.4 Portraits

deckfrost wrote:

KGarren1120 wrote:

One more shot at f/4


question : since you re shooting at f4, would the result be pretty much the same with the zoom at 55mm ? is the "bokeh" better on fix lens compare to the zoom at same aperture/close focal ?

The actual DOF is more of a characteristic of the lens rather than solely based on aperture. You will get background separation with the zoom lens at f/4, but a few things will be different. One you are losing nearly 8mm, which will decrease your DOF, not by worlds, but noticeable. Also, the number of elements, aperture blades, how the aperture blades are molded etc. etc. will all have an impact on the DOF. The bokeh created by the 60mm is very smooth and non distracting, whilst some lenses still give plenty of bokeh, it isn't as smooth, it is a little harsher. For example the X100 still creates bokeh, but it's not as smooth as what is created with the 35mm or 60mm on the X-E1 or X-Pro1. That's the technical answer, but the 18-55 is an excellent piece of glass, the 60mm really does create some pretty special images. But for general photography the 18-55 is more than passable, and in fact is quite good and could be used professionally, and I believe is. You can't go wrong with either. If you need focus speed and flexibility, get the 18-55. If you want to resolve the most detail and are going to be working in good light and can take your time, then the 60 is a good lens.

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